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Vicaris NANO 0,3% 330ml

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Alcohol Free (0.3%)


330 ml




Vicaris NANO is the first alcohol-free beer in the Dilewyns Brewery range. With this unique beer, the family brewery wants to offer a delicious non-alcoholic alternative, without compromising on that taste experience. This enables you to enjoy a high-quality Vicaris beer anytime.

NANO is a smooth lager with fresh notes of hops. It is brewed with three varieties of hops and two types of malt. As a result, the beer has a complex and full-bodied flavour. A special alcohol-free lager with character.

Nano stands for NA = ‘Non-Alcoholic’ and NO°= ‘NO alcohol’. In addition, NANO also refers to the minuscule amount of alcohol, i.e. 0.3% to be precise. However, this can still be called alcohol-free beer, because it doesn’t exceed the 0.5% alcohol threshold.

Thanks to the use of a special type of yeast, sugars are not converted into alcohol during fermentation. However, this yeast produces aromatic esters and complex smell and taste sensation. Both malts give the beer its malty accents and golden-blonde colour.


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