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Straffe Hendrik Heritage 11% 750ml wooden box limited Edition 2018

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Belgian Ale


750 ml




Heritage is a special version of the well-known Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel that has matured in oak barrels of various origins. The strong dark quadrupel beer is aged for a year in barrels in the medieval cellars of the brewery, giving the beer a unique taste development.

Depending on the origin of the barrel, this maturation will also develop different aromas. New wood of American and French origin is used, as well as reused barrels from the Whiskey, Rum Bordeaux and Calvados region.

Every year, the brewers select a unique master blend based on the different matured beers, and their evolution. Each of the barrels has its own maturation process, which means that the master blend will also differ from year to year. This leads to a unique and powerful provision beer, which, thanks to the refermentation in the bottle, will have an even longer taste evolution in the bottle.

Over the years, typical aging flavors will develop from the Maderization and Portorization of the beer. Straffe Hendrik Heritage has a shelf life of at least 10 years, since it is properly stored in the cellar: stable temperatures, and as little light or vibrations as possible.





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