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Lindemans Blossom Gueuze 6% 750ml

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Lambic beer is a very versatile beer inspiring creativity. The Family Brewery Lindemans proves this once again with the launch of the BlossomGueuze, an old gueuze with a twist. The result? A very original and unique beer, made with elderflower. Perfect for food pairing or as a tasty aperitif!

"The great success of SpontanBasil – an old gueuze macerated with fresh basil – was a little unexpected," says Dirk Lindemans, Dirk Lindemans, cousin of Geert Lindemans and also Managing Director."It got us thinking about what herbs or botanicals would go well with a sour, old gueuze. With the elderflower we went for a more subtle flavour. We are convinced that our BlossomGueuze will be even a tad more accessible."

BlossomGueuze combines the sour taste of the lambic with the aromas and flavours of elderflower. A complex and well-balanced beer with a dry and crispy after taste.



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