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Liefmans Kriek Brut 6% 330ml

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Beer Style:

Kriek Beer

Beer Type:



330 ml




This classy beer represents the perfect marriage between the fresh accents and slightly acidic flavour of  the black cherries. Liefmans Kriek-Brut is a mixed fermentation beer, with every hectolitre containing up to 13 kilos of fruit!

Liefmans Kriek-Brut is a perfect blend of Oud Bruin and pale beer aged on cherries.

The beer is matured for 18 months, bringing out the very best of its intense flavour.

Liefmans Kriek-Brut is a deep reddish-brown colour, with a pale head and wood and almond notes. On the palette, you can clearly taste the slightly sweet, yet at the same time gently bitter fruit flavours. This is a beer that just oozes class…


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