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Grimbergen Magnum Opus 8% 330ml

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Beer Style:


Beer Type:

Abbey beer


330 ml




The Magnum Opus Brut is the best brew for the finest occasions. The lively beer has a triumphant glow, the complex combination of dry, delicate flavors makes the drink extra exclusive.

A clear ale, light in color and sparkling in appearance. Magnum Opus uses sprouting golden malt to brew an elegant beer that creates a festive atmosphere in any situation.

Delicate notes of pear, orange and vanilla are supported by a soft, sometimes sweet, malt. The Nelson Sauvin hops are added to give the whole thing a blissful New World sparkle. And thanks to a special mashing process and a second fermentation, the beer acquires a character that is more like a dry, sparkling wine.





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