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Grimbergen Ignis Quadruple 10% 330ml

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Abbey beer


330 ml




There is a good reason why the phoenix is ​​the symbol of the Grimbergen Abbey. Fire causes chaos and destruction, but also brings warmth and protection. It is a sign of life.

Ignis Quadruple is inspired by the willpower of the fathers who rebuilt the abbey after a devastating fire. Like the abbey, the beer is a symbol of the light that still burns brightly after all these years.

Ignis means fire in Latin.

Malt smoked on beech wood gives Ignis Quadruple a delicious, fiery quality. The combination of smoky notes and the typical spicy notes of the Grimbergen beers gives a strong, warming brew.

The taste is intense. But also hospitable and pleasant. Touches of caramelized sugars combined with pleasant notes of dried, ripe fruit such as raisin, plum and fig, provide a delicate, subtle sweetness on the palate.




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