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Ferrero Collection 15 Pieces 172 gr

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*Ferrero is an Italian brand*

Ferrero Collection 15 Pieces

Weight: 172 gr

A refined assortment of the best Ferrero specialties: 

· Ferrero Rocher, different layers and textures for a unique taste and experience: a crunchy whole hazelnut, a delicious creamy hazelnut filling, wrapped in a wafer covered with chocolate and crisp hazelnut chips. 

· Raffaello, a harmonious blend of carefully selected ingredients: Pacific Island Coconut and California White Almonds. 

· And Rondnoir, the intense flavor of dark chocolate in a crunchy specialty, with a creamy chocolate filling and a dark chocolate pearl in the center. 

Its varied flavors and textures make Ferrero Collection a perfect choice for everyone's enjoyment.



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