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Collector wooden gift box Carolus Imperial Dark 2x 750ml (2017) + 1x 750ml (2019)

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Beer Style:

Flemish Red

Beer Type:

Belgian Ale


3x 750ml




Every year, Het Anker stores a number of bottles of Gouden Carolus Imperial dark. After 2 years in the ageing cellar, these bottles are released as a unique series together with a bottle from the current year's vintage. This lets you experience for yourself the result of this ageing.

These bottles have been resting for years in the maturing warehouse of Het Anker Berewery and may have collected some dust.

This exceptional ale ages well, developing a refined complexity and intense aroma's. With powerful notes of roastaed malts, caramel and plums, its surprisingly soft and fruity aroma combines a warm roundness with a refreshing taste. An imperial brew to cherish and envoy in moderation.



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