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Orval Beer is a Belgian Trappist ale that has been brewed by the Orval Abbey since 1931. It is one of only 11 Trappist breweries in the world, meaning that it is operated by Trappist monks and meets strict guidelines for production and distribution.

The History of Orval Beer

The Orval Abbey was founded in the late 11th century, and the monks who lived there originally brewed beer as a way to support themselves. However, the brewery was destroyed several times over the centuries, and it wasn't until the 20th century that the monks began brewing again. In 1931, they created a new beer that was unlike any other, using a unique strain of yeast that gives the beer its distinctive flavor.

The Flavor of Orval Beer

Orval Beer is a complex and flavorful ale that has a distinct sourness and a dry finish. It is brewed using a combination of pale and caramel malts, and the unique Orval yeast strain creates fruity, spicy, and floral notes in the beer. The beer is dry-hopped with a unique blend of hops, which contributes to its distinct aroma and flavor.

One of the unique aspects of Orval Beer is that it is bottle-conditioned, meaning that a small amount of yeast is left in the bottle to continue fermenting and creating carbonation. This gives the beer a natural effervescence and contributes to its complex flavor profile.

The Future of Orval Beer

Despite its long history, the Orval Abbey is forward-thinking when it comes to the future of Orval Beer. They recently renovated their brewery and are committed to using sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in their production. They also have plans to experiment with new beer styles and brewing techniques in the future.

In conclusion, Orval Beer is a unique and flavorful Trappist ale that is unlike any other beer in the world. Its complex flavor profile and bottle conditioning make it a must-try for beer enthusiasts who appreciate quality and tradition.

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