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Kwak Beer

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Kwak is a Belgian beer with a unique and recognizable glass. It is brewed by Brouwerij Bosteels, a family-owned brewery that has been producing beer since 1791. Kwak is a smooth and sweet amber ale with a distinctively spicy aroma and flavor.

The History of Kwak

Kwak was originally created in the late 18th century by Pauwel Kwak, a brewer and innkeeper from Dendermonde, Belgium. Kwak's signature glass, which is shaped like a round-bottomed flask with a wooden stand, was designed so that coach drivers could enjoy the beer while on the road. The glass could be hung from a hook on the coach, and the wooden stand prevented it from tipping over.

The Taste of Kwak

Kwak is a smooth and sweet amber ale with a spicy aroma and a slightly bitter finish. It has a full body and a moderate alcohol content of 8.4%. The beer is brewed with a combination of barley and wheat malts, and is spiced with coriander and caramel.

The Kwak Glass

Kwak's signature glass is one of the most recognizable beer glasses in the world. It is shaped like a round-bottomed flask and is held upright by a wooden stand. The glass holds 33 cl (11.2 oz) of beer and is designed to be easy to drink from, even when hanging from a coach.


In conclusion, Kwak is a unique and flavorful Belgian beer with a history that dates back over two centuries. Whether you're enjoying it in its signature glass or in a traditional beer glass, Kwak is sure to satisfy your craving for a delicious and authentic Belgian beer. So, raise a glass to Pauwel Kwak and Brouwerij Bosteels, and enjoy a cold Kwak beer today!

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