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Timmermans Kriek Lambic Retro 5% 375ml

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Beer Style:

Kriek Beer

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375 ml




This beer has instant appeal thanks to its old-fashioned hue and its fruity aroma which is so pleasant to the nose. Its flavour – bitter but with a very slight sweetness – recalls how pleasant it is to drink a beer that’s saturated in history. Timmermans Tradition Kriek Retro is to be savoured as if you were looking at a painting by Breughel.

With its tart aroma, this Kriek of long-standing tradition elegantly reminds the drinker that the cherry is the distinctive element in this gueuze. Old lambic nevertheless accounts for most of its flavour, which is made only slightly smoother by its fruitiness. It releases a variety of very pure sensations on the tongue, concluding with a superb acidity that is frank but also refreshing and healthy, in keeping with tradition. Its brightness is equalled only by its sparkle and its light-as-air foam.


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